Noise Records is a panEuropean-owned and operated independent record company specializing in Trance, Techno, and Dance / Electronic, multimedia ensamble.

In addition to distribution, eNoise Records represents a number of artists as a record label. Primarily, eNoise Records is a record label, but since there is such a need for independent distribution and promotion, we decided to extend our services to internet musicians who need a way to get out from the virtual bites of internet to real world vibes, who are looking to get their music to a larger audience through distribution services.

When ?

We are setting everything up to have a solid ground to build upon, this said, the start of operations is expected by 01 June 2018, so stay tuned !

Contact requirements


  1. Gig list of past and upcoming gigs (remember the best you can)
  2. Any press, radio tracking reports, special events, etc.
  3. Bio about the group, artist, or label, and what you are looking for from eNoise Records


Give us a shout! Whether you’re a fan, a band, a musician or just an all-around nice person, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.