Noise Records is a panEuropean-owned and operated independent record company specializing in Trance, Techno, and Dance / Electronic, multimedia ensamble.

In addition to distribution, eNoise Records represents a number of artists as a record label. Primarily, eNoise Records is a record label, but since there is such a need for independent distribution and promotion, we decided to extend our services to internet musicians who need a way to get out from the virtual bites of internet to real world vibes, who are looking to get their music to a larger audience through distribution services.

When ?

We are setting everything up to have a solid ground to build upon, this said, the start of operations is expected by 01 June 2018, so stay tuned !


Give us a shout! Whether you’re a fan, a band, a musician or just an all-around nice person, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.